About Us

Customers Experience

Hello! Is a greeting you will hear when you walk into Yellow City Pet Supply (YCPS). Using a Texas friendly approach, you’ll be welcomed with a smiling face, pet food options and a treat wall. Established in June of 2016, we are a premium pet supply store for Texas Panhandle communities and located in Southwest Amarillo. Our pet supply store offers premium products at an affordable price while also providing needed expertise for our customers. After you’ve been impressed with our customer service, our store and your purchase we know you’ll come back for more.



Our Story

For years, the longtime friends, John McKee and Grant Harbison, discussed potential business endeavors but they finally arrived at their “ah ha” moment and opted for joining the pet food supply industry in 2016.  Not fully knowing what to offer, the two began researching pet stores with populations more than 100,000 and discovered the great need for premium pet food in Amarillo. As a result, the creation of Yellow City Pet Supply is very much the product of a solution to a problem. Rather than open a store and stock shelves with cheap products that sell, McKee and Harbison researched the pet market, discovered the best options, and created a space to share it. McKee and Harbison’s intention is to raise awareness on the importance of diet essentials that include nutrient rich pet foods.  Partnering with several reputable distributors, these two are achieving their goal of feeding pets with healthier alternatives and building community involvement.  



What We Believe

The age old adage of “Dog is Man’s Best Friend” is  the main focus at Yellow City Pet Supply. We believe it is our responsibility to create and sustain a pet’s life with nutrient rich foods and provide them a thriving community.  We are here to give you the best food options at a reasonable price and products that you need to build a lasting and successful relationship with your pet. Our brands are known for natural ingredients, grain-free, gluten-free and are 4 & 5-star rated to keep your pet healthier. Also a balance of carbohydrates, protein, and little fat (much like a healthy person's diet) are necessary for building a your pet’s long life of happiness.